I Cried For You Tonight, Geovanni.   Leave a comment

I cried for you tonight, Geovanni.
For all the pain you have endured in your few short days of life.
For the things that cannot be undone,
For everything you will never feel,
And for all the wounds that cannot heal.

I can’t make the pain stop, Geovanni.
I can’t make you whole again.
I can’t restore your trust,
or make your mama understand.

I cried for you, Geovanni.
For what its worth.
Not everyone will betray you, not everyone will violate you
Even though it may seem that way right now.
Your mama, she’s in the minority nowadays.
Society is changing it’s wretched ways.

I will hold you in my heart as I fight on another day.
I cannot help you, Geovanni.
But your presence, your life, your pain
That can help me.
Help me ensure your brothers, cousins, classmates and sons will never
have to face the pain you are feeling today.

I cried for you, Geovanni.
But the emotional wounds, they can heal.
Your mama- she can heal.
One day she will step off her high horse, look you in the eye and tell you how sorry she truly is.
Whether in this lifetime or in the face of God,
the betrayal can heal too.

The world can heal too.
Even though its too late for you.
You inspire me, Geovanni.
I will think of you in all I do.


Posted July 21, 2011 by Zhandii in Circumcision

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