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I Cried For You Tonight, Geovanni.   Leave a comment

I cried for you tonight, Geovanni.
For all the pain you have endured in your few short days of life.
For the things that cannot be undone,
For everything you will never feel,
And for all the wounds that cannot heal.

I can’t make the pain stop, Geovanni.
I can’t make you whole again.
I can’t restore your trust,
or make your mama understand.

I cried for you, Geovanni.
For what its worth.
Not everyone will betray you, not everyone will violate you
Even though it may seem that way right now.
Your mama, she’s in the minority nowadays.
Society is changing it’s wretched ways.

I will hold you in my heart as I fight on another day.
I cannot help you, Geovanni.
But your presence, your life, your pain
That can help me.
Help me ensure your brothers, cousins, classmates and sons will never
have to face the pain you are feeling today.

I cried for you, Geovanni.
But the emotional wounds, they can heal.
Your mama- she can heal.
One day she will step off her high horse, look you in the eye and tell you how sorry she truly is.
Whether in this lifetime or in the face of God,
the betrayal can heal too.

The world can heal too.
Even though its too late for you.
You inspire me, Geovanni.
I will think of you in all I do.


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Shame On You “American Baby”!   Leave a comment

American Baby magazine can be found on every newsstand in the country. It is one of the most read parenting magazines, especially by first time or expecting parents. We would all like to believe that such a prominent publication could be trusted and would check their facts before going to print. Sadly, that is not the case.

In their July 2011 issue, American Baby published an article titled “Kicking The Habit”. Now, you would think such a title would refer perhaps to pacifiers? To thumb sucking, nail biting, teeth grinding or something else considered undesirable? No. The article is about BREASTFEEDING.

This is an excerpt from the article:

“Anytime After 6 months. Say Goodbye to the Breast. Not only is breastfeeding healthy for Mom and Baby, but it also creates a unique bonding experience for you both. At some point, though, you’ll be ready to stop. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that moms breastfeed exclusively for at least the first six months, but some women think about weaning even earlier.

Break the Habit. Gradually get Baby used to the bottle. For the first two days, you can substitute a bottle for one of the breastfeeding sessions. On day three, give a bottle for two feedings, and so on. ‘It usually takes about five days to wean a baby completely off the breast,’ Dr. Greene says.”

This disgusting mis-information and mis-interpretation makes it sound like the American Academy of Pediatrics supports weaning at only 6 months of age. This is not the case! Here is what the AAP actually says about breastfeeding:

“The AAP recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for about the first 6 months of life. This means your baby needs no additional foods (except Vitamin D) or fluids unless medically indicated. Babies should continue to breastfeed for a year and for as long as is mutually desired by the mother and baby. Breastfeeding should be supported by your physician for as long as it is the right choice for you and your baby.”

Clearly, the AAP does not recommend weaning at 6 months of age as this article is trying to imply. Additionally, here is what the World Health Organization says about breastfeeding:

“Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond.”

Clearly, no health organization in the world supports American Baby’s outrageous claims that infants should be weaned from the breast at only 6 months of age.

Angry breastfeeding advocates have been bombarding American Baby’s Facebook page for days, yet this is the only apology they have offered:

“We appreciate your responses to “Kicking the Habit” in our July issue. AMERICAN BABY wholeheartedly supports and endorses breastfeeding, a topic we happily devote time and pages to on a continual basis. We’re so sorry for any miscommunication in this article. Like the American Academy of Pediatrics, we recommend that moms breastfeed exclusively for at least the first six months.”

They have:

1. Not admitted the inaccuracy of the information they published.

2. Not offered an explanation for their outrageous claims.

3. Not shared the correct information with their readers.

4. Not offered a single thing in print. Only fans on FaceBook, where the above message was posted, have any idea this controversy is even happening.

Now, why would such a well-known source of information on infant care continue to defend gross misrepresentation of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines?

Well, I need not delve too deep into finger pointing; but like most things, the truth lies in the money trail. Next time you’re leafing through this magazine, keep a mental note of the number of Similac ads you see. I wonder what price tag those full-page ads looks like? Hm.

Anyhow, we absolutely cannot let American Baby get away with feeding bad advice to new mothers who rely on them for guidance.

Let A.B know how you feel about their outrageous claims!

1. Bombard their FaceBook!

2. E-mail them at:

Thusfar, they have disregarded the outcry from the breastfeeding community.

AB is owned by Parents Magazine, why don’t we let them know how we feel about this too?

1. Parents Magazine on FaceBook

2. E-mail:

The parent company that owns both Parents and American Baby is Meredith Corporation. This is the same company who owns Better Homes & Gardens and Fitness magazines, to name a few. Why not let them know that this kind of mis-information will not go unnoticed? Perhaps a boycott of all Meredith publications will get their attention. Contact Meredith:

1. Phone: 515-284-3000

2. Letters:

1716 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309-3023

3. E-mail:

American Baby will not get away with this! Lets keep the pressure on until they issue a retraction in print!

Also, join the movement on Facebook: Here

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Why Your Son’s Penis Is My Business   5 comments

When the subject of intactivism comes up, I often hear that we should “mind our own business” and that its a “parental choice”.

Let me ask you this, if someone had any other cosmetic surgery performed on their newborn, would CPS and the police “mind their own business” because its a “parental choice?” Say someone thought their baby had a big shnoz and got them a nose job. Is that their choice? If someone thought their baby had unsightly toes and opted to have them surgically altered, is that their choice? What if someone didn’t like the way their baby’s eyelids looked, and wanted them removed? (“Eyelids?!” You say? “Isn’t that an extreme comparison?!” No actually. The eyelid and the prepuce are very similar organs in structure, and perform a very similar purpose. The eyelid protects the eye, the foreskin protects the penis.)

A person’s personal rights and religious freedoms stop where someone else’s body begins.  Your precious sons are non-consenting minors receiving an unnecessary cosmetic surgery. That is just down right not okay. If a male decides he does not want his foreskin, he can have it surgically removed when he is of consenting age.


Circumcision is not a harmless procedure. An average of 117 babies die every year from complications, most often blood loss. It only takes 2.3oz of blood loss for a newborn to die. There are also many, many, MANY other complications associated with circumcision; a 10% rate of infection; urinary retention due to swelling, which can lead to bladder rupture (obstructive uropathy); penile bowing; hypospadias (urethra diverted to the underside of the penis); epispadias (urethra diverted to the top of the penis); concealed penis; keloid formation; loss of part or all of the penis; chronic inflammation of the urethra, which leads to narrowing and difficulty with urination; erectile dysfunction; premature ejaculation and more. And of course the fact that the prepuce contains between 20,000 and 70,000 nerve endings, and is the most sensitive part of the entire body. The female clitoris contains a mere 8,000 nerve endings in comparison.

Circumcision offers no medical benefit and is not recommended by any medical organization in the world.

What I’m getting at here; is that circumcision is harming children in a permanent, potentially life-altering way. Parents do not have the “right” to harm their children. No one has a right to harm a child. This is why infant circumcision should be illegal, and us intactivists will not stop fighting until it is.

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How Natural Parenting Saves You Money   Leave a comment

Conscious, peaceful, crunchy parenting is an amazing world of love, dedication and bonding. Not only are you providing your child with the best possible start in life- but you are also easing the financial burden of raising your babies! This will likely resonate most with dads. Want to save thousands of dollars while making no sacrifices? Its as easy as getting back to nature.


It is well established that breastfeeding provides unmatched nutritional and immune system benefits to your baby, and helps mom with bonding and losing the excess baby weight. However, did you ever stop to think of the money you’re saving?

-Bottles. The endless search for the “best” bottle, paying as much as $15 a pop (or more in some cases), and of course replacing them whenever they show signs of wear. (Not to mention all the work that goes into cleaning them, and the new studies coming out every day about the dangers of plastics).

For the sake of example, lets take the popular Dr Browns bottles, in glass so as to not worry about bisphenol-A, or the lesser known and unregulated bisphenol-B and bisphenol-S. $6/ 4oz bottle. Lets say you have eight 4-oz bottles. That’s $24. Your baby gets bigger and needs more than 4oz in a serving. $8/ 8oz bottle. Lets say you need 8 of those too. That’s $64. So you’ve spent $88 on bottles alone.

-No bottle is complete without an artificial nipple. Many, many artificial nipples. You try 10 different kinds before baby will really take to one. Then you must replace them at the first signs of wear, as to not risk pieces coming off and choking your baby.

For the sake of consistency, lets stick to Dr Browns. $3.50 for two nipples. You need 8, one for each bottle. $14. Replaced once a month for 12 months. You just spent $168 on fake nipples.

Add in some odds and ends, like 2-3 bottle brushes @ $5, a bottle warmer for the car $15, a bottle cooler @ $20. So $50 in extra expenses.

You’ve spent $306 and haven’t even fed your baby anything yet.

Add in $25 per week for Enfamil, times 52 weeks in a year, that is a whopping $1300.


Breastfeeding could save you around 1,600!

And that, of course, is if your baby does not have a sensitive tummy (add another $520 for Nutramigen), and you don’t care about artificial additives in the formula (add another $1,000 for organic).

Decided to breastfeed? Congrats! And enjoy your extra $2,600!


Co-sleeping is healthier for both mom and baby, and is what the human race has done since the dawn of time. Baby can synchronize their breathing & heart rhythms with mama’s, reducing the risk of apnea or SIDS. It also makes breastfeeding (see above) much easier when baby is nursing 3+ times a night.

-Crib. You know, the big wooden cage “bed” you’ll need if you aren’t sleeping with your baby. Da Vinci Convertible Crib- $250.

-Crib mattress. $75 for a Sealy. Oh wait, you don’t want your baby sleeping on PVC and formaldehyde? Then lets make that $200 for an organic crib mattress. After all, your baby spends 14 hours a day with their face against it. It better not be toxic.

-Bedding. $125 for a complete “set”. $25 for 2 extra organic crib sheets. That’s $150 on cage bedding.

-Distractions. Your baby’s natural instincts tell him to seek the comfort of mama when he sleeps. You’ll need things to distract him from your absence. Mobile, $40. White noise making and lullaby singing sheep, $25.  Total, $65.

-Baby Monitor. All parents will likely need a monitor somewhere down the line, but in those early weeks or months when mama is catching naps right alongside baby, it is not necessary. That’s $100 out of your preparing for baby budget. Extra receiver for dad? Make it $15o.


Decided to share your bed with your little one? Enjoy your $815

You’ll probably be more productive at work with a better night’s sleep anyways, so feel free to add in that financial benefit.


Wearing your baby out and about in a sling or other carrier not only gives her the comfort of mommy’s (or daddy’s) heart beat and smell, makes nursing on the go a breeze, and saves you the struggle of lugging a stroller all around town, but (you guessed it), it saves you money.

Infant Car Seat. You are going to need a convertible car seat either way in order to meet the American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2-year rear-facing guidelines. Save yourself $150 and skip the infant carrier. Your car seat doesn’t need a handle when its only for the car. Plus, spending too much time in a seated position is bad for baby’s spine

Stroller. The big clunky stroller that the infant car seat snaps onto. $80.

Umbrella Stroller. Because you won’t always want to drag aforementioned clunky stroller with you everywhere. $25.

That’s $255 in unnecessary baby travel gear. Moby wrap, $35.

Babywearing savings of $220. Besides, the extra workout is good for your figure.


I won’t go into a diaper-by-diaper cost chart here, because that has been done many times before. The consensus seems to be that disposable diapers for a child from birth-age 2 costs between $2,000 and $5,000 depending on your choice of brands. Lets go down the middle and say $2500.

You can cloth diaper a baby with flats and a few covers for as little as $80. However, that is impractical and unlikely. The realistic cost of modern cloth diapers (the kind with snaps and cute prints) is around $500.

You just saved $2,000, while simultaneously helping the environment and keeping suspected carcinogens off babies’ bums! Hooray!

There you have it. No wonder co-sleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing mamas are always so happy. They have content, snuggly babies and an extra $5,635 in their pockets!

Of course, there are a lot of variables in this comparison. You could spend less, and you could spent a lot more on the above things. There are also other hidden savings in this type of lifestyle, as it encourages you to use more reusable products, maybe grow a garden etc.

Thanks for reading 😀

Pertussis Vaccine Creates 10x More Lethal Outbreak   Leave a comment

This is my first post, and this gives you an idea of the format to expect around here. I will rarely have the time to write long, elaborate articles; however, I will be posting many links to a variety of places on the topics this blog focuses on. Think Facebook news feed, without hearing about anyone’s breakfast or how awful their boss is.

Here’s one to get you started.

The gist:

“The CDC and NIH keep pushing the pertussis vaccine, in spite of info that it’s causing the new whooping cough epidemic that is 10 times more deadly than the old whooping cough.”

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